Five Things Successful People Do Before They Go To Bed

February 16, 2015
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by Peter High, published on Forbes


The time before going to bed is critical to ensure that one closes out the day that has passed, plans for the day ahead, but it is also critical that the mind is calmed so that one has a restful sleep. Too many successful executives get this wrong.  One can only burn the candle at both ends for so long before it will mean that they are not as productive as they should be at work, and not as happy as they should be overall.  Based on research and conversation with successful executives on the topic, here are the five things that successful people do before they go to sleep:

Spend Time with Family

Successful executive often have a difficult time drawing the line between work and personal life, simply picking work back up upon arrival at home. The time to decompress with family is essential. As David Brooks points out, a happy marriage (and by extension a happy family) is more important than a good job to one’s well being. I must admit that I was also struck by Alex Blumberg’s thoughts during episode four of the excellent Startup podcast entitled, “Startups are Risky Business“, in which he describes how he was overcome with emotion in reading Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree, and learning for the first time the lesson intended for parents: you only have so much time before your children will be independent of you.  Make the most of your time with them.

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