Flextronics: Keeping IT Running On ‘Just Enough’

June 09, 2011
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Keeping your IT operations lean during periods of business growth will help prepare you for the next economic downturn. Flextronics SVP/CIO David Smoley shares his top three priorities for keeping IT running at its best during good times and bad.


By Peter High

Flextronics: Keeping IT Running On ‘Just Enough’

In his role as SVP/CIO at Flextronics, David Smoley has had to work within the constraints of a business that is a leader in the application of Lean manufacturing techniques. Rather than view that as a problem for IT, however, Smoley has embraced Lean practices in his own department.

Flextronics is a provider of vertically integrated advanced design and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). When Smoley took over his current post in 2006, the company, and the economy, were doing well. Rather than use this as justification to invest in a wide array of new technologies — as many IT executives do in good times — he instilled a disciplined team culture around the theme “just enough.”

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