Forbes Announces the Latest Winners of the CIO Innovation Awards

October 23, 2017
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By Peter High, published on Forbes

For the third time, I have the privilege of announcing the Forbes CIO Innovation Award winners, recently announced at our Forbes CIO Summit in New York City. As in previous iterations, the award focuses on chief information officers who are making some of the biggest impacts on revenue growth through innovation. We focus on these individuals and their teams because they are pushing the boundaries and expanding the domain of the CIO; a position that has historically not lead revenue augmenting innovation activities. The 2017 New York Summit winners of the Forbes CIO Innovation Award have each driven significant revenue through their commitment to innovation and leadership in the information technology division of their companies.

The 2017 New York Summit winners are:

Suren Gupta, Executive Vice President of Allstate Technology and Strategic Ventures, who has helped to launch Good Hands Rescue Mobile, an innovative digital solution that makes it easier for stranded motorists to get the help they need. This innovation is responsible for helping around 25,000 stranded drivers a month and providing the company an eight digit revenue lift.

James Swanson, Chief Information Officer of Monsanto, has lead his team in developing “[email protected],” a cloud-based, highly scalable data science platform. This analytics ecosystem has driven a cost savings increase of over $15MM and sales revenue increase of $17MM in the U.S. by completing months of scientific work in a matter of hours.

Lynden Tennison, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Union Pacific, and his team have worked to commercialize much of their internally developed software through a separate technology subsidiary company, PS Technology, while leveraging other corporate assets to launch a new wireless ISP company, called Breeze Broadband Communications. These efforts have generated over $50 million in revenue, growing at double digits annually.

Earlier in 2017, the award was bestowed upon Lidia Fonseca, the CIO of Quest Diagnostics, Jim Fowler, CIO of General Electric, and Trevor Schulze, the CIO of Micron Technology.

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