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April 08, 2014
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Five Impressions of Google Glass

by Peter High, published on


About ten months ago, I met John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and a Google (GOOG +1.65%) board member at a conference in St. Louis at which we were both speaking. Doerr spoke from the stage to roughly 800 technologists with Google Glass on his face. The series of commands and swipes that he undertook were fascinating and odd to many audience members, most of whom, like me, were witnessing the device in person for the first time. As Doerr brought the new device to life, and had it undertake a number of activities, he described the potential revolutionary commercial and consumer implications it had. He has spoken about its potential use by healthcare practitioners who need to use their hands during surgery, or students who could use it to bolster what they might learn in class. He also mentioned how the voice commands might be invaluable to a quadriplegic, opening up the world in new ways for him or her. After the conference, the conference organizers sent me a pair from Doerr, and I have been testing it since.

In typical Google fashion, it has released a product with much potential, but asked that the lucky few who would test it to help determine how it might be used. The company hoped to spur innovation by getting it out into the public and to have a much broader set of smart people devise uses for the product, and develop apps to make those ideas a reality.

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