Great American Insurance CIO Piyush Singh: Taking Calculated Risks, Article in CIO Insight

September 08, 2011
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In an industry known for risk aversion, Great American Insurance’s Senior Vice President and CIO Piyush Singh has managed to innovate and transform the company’s entire operative platform, while simultaneously influencing its business philosophy.

by Peter High


In Summary

Who: Piyush Singh, SVP/CIO of Great American Insurance

What: Singh has transformed the 4,000-employee company’s entire operative platform and influenced the company’s business philosophy.

Where: Cincinnati

Why: Singh’s experiences innovating in a traditionally risk-averse industry provides a recipe for success for any CIO grappling with governance, risk and compliance challenges.

Piyush Singh has been a CIO in the insurance industry for more than a decade, currently holding the title of senior vice president and CIO of Great American Insurance, as well as vice president of its parent company, American Financial Group in Cincinnati. Singh led a large-scale transformation of Great American’s entire operative platform and has had a major influence on its business philosophy. Under his leadership, the company’s IT role changed from that of custodian of a legacy IT environment to respected partner that participates in—and contributes to the success of—the businesses it supports. Great American has implemented a modern technology architecture as a foundation that will adapt for future growth and evolving business needs. CIO Insight contributor and Metis Strategy President Peter High recently spoke with Singh about how he balances his team’s role in innovation with governance, risk management and security—especially in light of the increasing demands of his colleagues and the company’s customers.

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