IBM: Top Five Lessons For CIOs From C-Suite Report

June 24, 2014
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IBM: Top Five Lessons For CIOs From C-Suite Report

by Peter High, published on


IBM just released a new report entitled “Exploring the Inner Circle”, exploring how effectively different members of the C-suite work together.  It draws upon frank, face-to-face conversations with more than 4,100 C-suite executives around the world.  There are a variety of interesting themes for CIOs to contemplate, as it explores how CxOs are jointly preparing for the digital era; identify the features of the most successful C-suites and the challenges and opportunities they face. There are five important lessons for CIOs to take to heart from this analysis:

  1. CIOs are viewed as the third most strategic member of the C-suite other than the CEO
  2. CIOs are thought to be the most specialized member of the C-suite
  3. The “CEO-CIO-CMO triumvirate” is considered the most likely to outperform among possible management trios
  4. Collaboration is the most important attribute for success among the C-suite, an area that CIOs are well positioned to lead
  5. Technology’s pervasiveness and increasing strategic importance presents an opportunity for CIOs to be bigger value contributors in the future

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