712: Anil Cheriyan, EVP of Strategy and Technology at Cognizant, covers the recent economic headwinds and their impact on recruitment and the future of work. He gives his perspective on how companies can prepare for a possible recession in the near future and mitigate economic risk through geographic diversification. Along with risk mitigation, Anil shares how diversity can increase the types of expertise talent can bring from other areas around the world and shift the tide in the War for Talent. Finally, Anil talks about the skill sets he specifically hires for and what the future holds for new ways of working.

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705: Ash and Anil speak with Metis Strategy’s Mike Bertha about transforming a global IT operating model. Anil speaks to the company’s transition to a customer-centric operating model and the role that culture plays in bringing about this transformation. Ash discusses how the complex environment Dentons operates in is accommodated in the company’s operating model and how he is creating buy-in for a unified IT model from the non-technical executive team.

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679: In this interview, Chris and Jeff discuss their journey from the CIO role to COO. Jeff shares his method to operationalize culture and measure the productivity of his teams. Chris then talks about using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge employee satisfaction at DXC. Finally, both executives opine on the mindset shifts as they entered the COO role and give their perspectives on the current supply chain challenges that companies are facing.

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671: In this interview, Chris discusses some of the necessary ingredients that he and his team have put in place in order to bring about the company’s remarkable transformation. Chris talks about the broader strategy of the company, the power of the CIO role in driving unique value, and how the company’s strategy contains both an internal and external lens. He addresses some of the impediments to transformation in the industrial sector, describes the process of recruiting and retaining top talent, and upskilling talent within and outside the organization to deliver the art of the possible. Finally, Chris looks ahead at the trends in technology and talent he has on his radar and the keys to his career success.

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650: Mike discusses the expansion of his role in the client-facing side of the business and leveraging actionable insights from an ocean of data. Mike begins with an overview of Alorica’s business, what his purview as CIDO consists of, and how he is focusing on the consumer in his role. He also talks about developing a strong data foundation at Alorica and how he thinks about building the technology ecosystem to drive the data strategy at the company. Finally, Mike gives his perspective on how his background in multiple disciplines has helped him in his new role, the key elements to his success, and what trends in technology are on the horizon.

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582: In this interview, Yves Behar, Founder and Principal Designer of fuseproject, discusses the importance of product design and how companies can think about developing their own products. Yves discusses the importance of integrating storytelling and intent into product design. He also speaks on the importance of continuously improving product designs and using the problems and frictions that arise as opportunities for improvement. Additionally, Yves talks about bringing these designs to market from team alignment to marketing strategy. Finally, Yves talks about his team’s work on the VOX ventilators as a response to an open innovation challenge and how it is important to sometimes allow your team to drive the ideas and support them along the way.

546: General Stanley McChrystal has decades of leadership experience. In this interview, we discuss the importance of adaptability and agility, and General MyChrystal’s view that nimbleness is a continuous journey. He notes that cross-functional collaboration is not automatic, and organizations must be deliberate in fostering trust in a distributed environment. To do this, he suggests that transparency, vulnerability, individual empowerment, and a common purpose are all critical ingredients. We also discuss the characteristics of a resilient organization and which lessons from the military he sees as most applicable to the business realm, among a variety of other topics.

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545: Metis Strategy president Peter High discusses his new book, Getting to Nimble. In this interview, Peter shares how he got to the title Getting to Nimble, why he decided to put people as his first principle, and the critical importance of change in any IT organization. He also discusses how data and analytics are rising up many organization’s priority lists, his take on the chief data officer role, and why competition has changed from company versus company to ecosystem versus ecosystem. He also shares the four sets of ecosystems he recommends partnering with, how many CIOs are moving beyond the CIO role, the growing trend of CIOs joining boards, among a variety of other topics.

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531: SYKES chief strategy & marketing officer Ian Barkin discusses

  • How SYKES leverages technology inside the company
  • How SYKES uses data to deeply understand the buyer and design the best solutions for them
  • Some of the ways in which companies are mismanaging customer experience management
  • Why Ian believes RPA will be a foundation to organizational transformation for years to come
  • The major differences between RPA and AI/ML
  • The dangers of using intelligent automation capabilities, such as AI, too soon
  • Ian’s career path from strategy consulting, to business process outsourcing, to founding Symphony Ventures, to the C-suite of SYKES

514: Cognizant EVP of strategy and technology Anil Cheriyan discusses 

  • Cognizant’s three pillared strategy around accelerating digital, globalizing Cognizant, and increasing its relevance to its clients
  • Cognizant’s approach to partnering with other companies
  • The pros and cons of being onboarded virtually
  • The changes driven by the pandemic that will be permanent
  • Some of the emerging technologies Anil is keeping an eye on
  • Anil’s experience working for the Federal Government

Among a variety of other topics.


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