Beyond CIO | episode 604

WestRock Digital Chief Amir Kazmi on Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain

Amir is the Chief Information and Digital Officer of WestRock, an $18 billion revenue company that is a global leader in differentiated, sustainable, fiber-based packaging solutions to a diverse array of customers. Amir has been the CEO of a startup Kuprion. He also led commercial product development, IT transformation, and P&L portfolio analytics at Lockheed Martin. Moreover, he has served on multiple boards, including Sight Machine, Emory University, and the Girl Scouts. Amir has a wealth of experiences that he brings to his current posts. October 21, 2021

604: In this interview, Amir Kazmi, Chief Information and Digital Officer of WestRock, focuses on the role of digital in creating sustainable packaging solutions for supply chains. Amir provides an overview of WestRock’s business as a sustainable packaging solutions company and the purview of the two sides to his role as Chief Information and Digital Officer. He gives a few examples of how WestRock has grown its digital channels, what role digital plays in the supply chain, and how he builds greater digital dexterity and acumen across the company. Additionally, he discusses how his experience as a CEO of a startup informed his current role as a tech executive, how he continues to work with and leverage the capabilities of startups through ecosystems, and why providing leadership on a board of directors can make a real impact on the company and society. Finally, Amir shares with us a few tech trends he is looking forward to in the future.

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