Chief Executive Officer | episode 423

AES President & CEO Andrés Gluski

Andrés Gluski is the President and CEO of AES, a Fortune 500 global power company with revenues exceeding $10 billion. As President and CEO, Andrés has led the company through a dramatic transformation by focusing on simplification, risk improvement, and innovation. Specifically, Andrés led the company through a $5 billion divestiture program, has overseen the largest construction program in AES’ history, and has helped the company become a world leader in implementing new clean technologies. Before being elevated to the CEO role, Andrés was the COO for the company. December 09, 2019

423: AES’ President and CEO Andrés Gluski discusses how AES is transitioning into cleaner energy. While the company’s coal technology was among the best in the world, AES realized that was not a sustainable driver of growth. Under Andrés’ leadership, the company has reduced its generation capacity from 60 percent coal to 30 percent, it has become a big builder of renewables, and it is looking to reduce its carbon footprint by 50 percent by 2022. We also discuss the advantages Andrés has enjoyed being from a multicultural family, AES’ work in China and India, the value Andrés gained from his education, among other topics.

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