Artificial Intelligence | episode 680

Intel Fellow Andres Rodriguez on Optimizing Artificial Intelligence Hardware and Software

Andres Rodriguez is an Intel Fellow at the Intel Corporation, focused on providing technical leadership for AI advancement in both hardware and software. Andres has been with the company for nearly six and a half years serving as a Machine Learning Engineer and Senior Principal Engineer prior to his current role. July 14, 2022

680: In this interview, we discuss the work Andres and his team are doing to advance artificial intelligence and its applications. Andres speaks to the historical evolution of artificial intelligence, the work being done to democratize access to AI algorithms, and the benefits and risks that AI can pose to society. Andres also provides a unique look at the hardware side of artificial intelligence, the trade-offs in complexity with its software counterpart, and how companies of all sizes can train and distill large AI models into smaller more applicable models. Finally, Andres explains how open-source communities are advancing the progress being made in AI and how citizen developers and people without engineering backgrounds can be easily trained to become familiar with the tools behind AI.

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