episode 817

The Future of Real Estate Innovation and Pathway to Becoming Tech-Centric with Associa CIO Andrew Brock

Andrew Brock is the President of Digital & Technology Services and Global Chief Information Officer of Associa, a multi-billion dollar revenue residential real estate company with 15,000 employees across 350 offices worldwide. Andrew has been with the company for more than 11 years and has been CIO for more than seven. Across his tenure, he has grown his responsibilities to be both customer-facing and revenue-generating. In addition to his role at Associa, Andrew is also the President and Chief Executive Officer of HOAM Ventures, a private investment firm focused on unleashing the future of real estate innovation. November 06, 2023

817: Andrew Brock joins the broadcast to speak about the future of real estate innovation and how he has paved the way for Associa to become a technology company at its core. Andrew shares his journey in the company, the unique approach Associa takes with its entrepreneurial culture and acquisition strategy, and the vision he brings to Associa’s digital transformation. He also explains his purview as President and CEO of HOAM Ventures, the team he has curated there, and how he manages his expansive responsibilities across these roles. Finally, Andrew shares the exciting trends in AI and data that are on his radar for the future and details the secrets to his career success.

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"In this role, Culture is King."

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  • 05 5- External Partnerships

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