episode 746

Pizza Forecasting: Little Caesars CIO Anita Klopfenstein on Transforming IT and Leveraging AI/ML

Anita Klopfenstein is the Chief Information Officer of Little Caesars Pizza, a role that she has held for roughly five and a half years. She has led a remarkable transformation of the IT organization at the company, positioning it as a profit center for the business and working closely with franchisees to create customer-facing digital and operational innovations. Additionally, her team provides IT services for the Detroit Red Wings, the Detroit Tigers, and the arena and stadium that each of them plays in, among other organizations. Prior to her current post, Anita was the Vice President of e-Commerce and Consumer Systems at Panera Bread. March 02, 2023

746: Anita Klopfenstein, CIO of Little Caesars Pizza, joins Peter in a conversation about the IT transformation that she has led at the company, the emerging technologies her team leverages to drive improvements in the customer experience, and the positioning of the IT organization as a profit center for the business. Anita also shares how she implemented an IT steering committee to prioritize the most critical elements of the organization and collaborated with franchisees and customers to identify opportunities for improvements. She describes her team’s process of becoming a predictive enterprise, flexing IT to support the diverse array of additional venues, and giving back to the community during the height of the pandemic. Finally, Anita reflects on her career, the keys to her success, and the tech trends that are on her radar.

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