Artificial Intelligence | episode 764

Quantiphi Co-Founder Asif Hasan on Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI Tools

Asif Hasan is the co-founder and president of Quantiphi, a venture-backed applied artificial intelligence and data science software and services company. Asif founded Quantiphi ten years ago when the field of AI was still in its nascent stages and grew the company without seeking venture funding for the first few years, bucking a trend in software organizations. Prior to founding Quantiphi, Asif spent twelve years at Philips Healthcare in various analytics roles. May 04, 2023

764: Asif discusses the evolution of the company and how it reflects the evolution of artificial intelligence more generally. Asif shares his pathway into AI and data science, the genesis story of Quantiphi, and why he decided not to seek outside capital in the early stages of the company’s growth. We also cover the various phases of the company’s history including finding the company’s product market fit, specialization, verticalization, and finally the latest phase of exploring and leveraging generative AI. Asif shares his perspectives on how companies have successfully harnessed the power of AI, the potential disruptions coming from ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms, and the future ahead for AI in general. Finally, Asif shares the two key pieces of advice that he believes facilitated his career success and will continue to help him in the future.

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"Any type of repetitive knowledge-based task on some specification or a standard operating procedure is the first one that's most likely to be disrupted [by generative AI].”

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