episode 626

Wells Fargo Senior EVP Ather Williams III on Corporate Strategy For Digital Disruption

Ather Williams III is the Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Strategy, Digital Platforms, and Innovation at Wells Fargo, a role he has held since October of 2020. In that role, he leads corporate strategic planning, defines and manages digital platforms and capabilities, and manages innovation priorities, opportunities, and company-wide efforts to drive transformation. Ather is also a member of the board of directors of Blue Shield of California, and he spent much of the past two decades in financial services, having served as an executive at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and JP Morgan prior to his time at Wells Fargo. January 06, 2022

626: Ather discusses the strategic changes at the company and how the three verticals he leads work together. Ather describes his purview in each of the verticals he leads; Strategy, Digital Platforms, and Innovation; and reflects on how the digital- and mobile-first strategy has evolved in the financial services industry. He talks about the ecosystems he’s built at the company, how they help knit together the three verticals, and what degree of coopetition exists in the space. Ather shares how good corporate strategy has changed in a time of digital disruption and what he believes successful innovation looks like. He shares how Wells Fargo’s Innovation Team operates and how it evaluates the true value-add innovations that will change the needle at the company. Finally, Ather looks ahead at increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the company, what the future of work looks like, and trends in technology.

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