Beyond CIO | episode 610

LEGO’s Digital Transformation: CDTO Atul Bhardwaj on Digitizing the Famous Toy Brick

Atul Bhardwaj is the Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Technology Officer of LEGO Group, a company with about $9 billion in annual revenue and the developer of the iconic toy bricks. It is a role that he has held for roughly a year now. Atul has run supply chain and/or technology at companies such as MediaMarktSaturn and Tesco. He was a partner at Accenture prior to his time in industry. He has lived and worked in many countries around the world giving him a diverse and global perspective as an international citizen of sorts. November 11, 2021

610: In this interview, Atul Bhardwaj, Executive Vice President and Chief Digital and Technology Officer of LEGO, speaks with Peter High about the digital transformation of the iconic and well-known toy company. Atul provides an overview of his post as Chief Digital and Technology Officer for LEGO and explains how LEGO is integrating digital into its product offerings. He describes the various ways digital experiences differ between adult and children customers, how LEGO works together and keeps pace with the digital transformation of partners within its ecosystem, and how LEGO is digitizing the internal organization overall. He also discusses the process of building his team at LEGO including what role passion for the product plays, how the common language of code unites a global effort of digital transformation, and how LEGO fosters diversity and inclusion at the company. Finally, Atul looks ahead at the tech trends that his team is keeping an eye on.

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