Bill Chang, Executive Vice President of the Business Group of SingTel

July 18, 2011

Among other topics, Bill discusses the following issues with Metis Strategy:

  • SingTel’s efforts and strategy towards becoming the best one-stop-shop information communication technology provider in Asia through an on-demand utility model
  • How the networked world is shifting the dynamics of not just IT, but also how businesses must adapt their strategy
  • The ability to reduce financial burden and shift from capital expense to operating expense through the use of on-demand technology services
  • The importance of partnerships and how, in the networked world, companies are no longer simply competing with other companies, but rather value chains are competing with other value chains
  • Singtel’s management of cloud computing security concerns through a disciplined and holistic approach addressing people, processes, policy, and technology
  • The evolving role of the CIO and the need for the CEO to become ever more cognizant of how technology can enable business strategy
  • Eye on the trends: The inevitability of cloud computing adoption, the scalability of mobile computing, the potential of a networked “M to M” mobile world, the power of analytics, and the challenges that the consumerization of IT creates for a CIO

To access the YouTube clip of Bill presenting SingTel’s information communication technology service offering in augmented reality, please click here.

Bill Chang’s Biography

Bill is Executive Vice President of the Business Group at SingTel, Singapore’s largest public-listed company by market capitalization.  The Business Group serves SingTel’s domestic and global corporate customers with a full range of Information-Communication Technology (ICT) services.

Bill sits on numerous boards including that of the Workforce Development Agency,  he is on the advisory committees of multiple uniiversities, including the Singapore Management University School of Information Systems, and he also has served on a wide array of government committees, including the Economic Review Committee.

Bill was a member of the ICT sub-committee which was part of the Government’s Economic Review Committee (2003), SiTF Councillor (2002/2004), Chairman of SiTF-AAC Internet Data Centre Committee (2001), and executive committee member for Think Tank (1999/2000). Bill received the National Day Public Service Medal Award for his contributions to Singapore’s workforce development in 2007.

Before joining SingTel, Bill was the Managing Director of Cisco Systems’ Advanced Services Group in Asia Pacific. He was responsible for the company’s operations in 13 regional countries.

Bill graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering from Monash University.


The World Class IT principles in yellow were the focus of this interview

  • 01 1- People
  • 02 2- Infrastructure
  • 03 3- Project and Portfolio Management
  • 04 4- IT & Business Partnership
  • 05 5- External Partnerships

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