episode 778

Bestselling Author Cal Newport Explores the Art of Deep Work, Digital Minimalism, and Other Strategies for Success

Cal Newport is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University and bestselling author of seven books, including most recently, Deep Work, Digital Minimalism, and A World Without Email. His scholarship focuses on the Theory of Distributed Systems and his general audience writing explores the intersections of culture and technology. His work runs counter to a lot of what is inherited wisdom in this day and age and tests one's thinking about how to organize your life among a variety of other topics. Cal is also a contributor to The New Yorker and hosts a podcast called Deep Questions. June 19, 2023

777: Cal Newport dives into the world of productivity, focus, and intentional living. Cal reflects on his journey as a writer, the impact that professional advice had on his strategies for developing longevity in the field, and why he avoided social media during the age of Facebook. He explains the major themes of his books including time management and the power of “slow productivity” for success, as well as the role that COVID-19 played in influencing these topics. Cal talks about the concept of living a “values-driven lifestyle”, his experience with the “30-Day Declutter” project, and helping young people train their focus. Finally, the conversation uncovers the surprising effects of efficiency and delves into the risks and uncertainties of generative AI and its future.

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