CIO Plus | episode 583

ServiceNow CIO Chris Bedi on Augmenting the Employee Experience Through A.I.

Chris Bedi is the Chief Information Officer of ServiceNow, an enterprise cloud company with roughly $5 billion in annual revenues and 14,000 employees. Chris has served in that role for just under six years where he has helped drive remarkable growth and transformation across the company. As a CIO, to a company that serves many CIOs, Chris has special insights into the evolution of the role across industries. He has also been a CIO multiple times over with past stints at companies like Verisign and JDSU and he began his career in management consulting with KPMG. August 09, 2021

583: Chris Bedi, Chief Information Officer of ServiceNow, focuses on the topic of digital transformations within companies and steps organizations have taken to foster resilience during the pandemic. Chris shares his perspective on how companies are doubling down on digital transformations, how AI is being used to improve the employee and customer experience, and how virtual agents are augmenting reality to assist remote employees in areas where they would have normally asked co-workers in person. Additionally, he talks about the future of app development, its minimum requirements, integrating AI into the development, and leveraging the growth of low-code/no-code to encourage citizen app developers. Finally, he touches on the topic of structuring the IT team to equip non-IT team members to think about machine learning and take advantage of new evolutions in technology among other topics.


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