CIO Plus | episode 595

How Zendesk CIO Colleen Berube is Enhancing the Customer & Employee Experience

Colleen Berube is the Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Operations at Zendesk. Zendesk is a customer experience company founded in 2007 that enables businesses around the world to take their customer service online. As of December 2020, the company surpassed a billion dollars in annual revenue for the first time. Colleen joined Zendesk just under three years ago as the Chief Information Officer, and she added her operations responsibilities a bit more than a year ago. Prior to Zendesk, Colleen served as Chief Technology Officer of Fisher Investments as well as a former leader of other tech stalwarts including Adobe and Cisco. September 20, 2021

595: In this interview, Colleen Berube, Chief Information Officer and SVP of Operations at Zendesk, focuses on the customer and employee experiences. Colleen describes how tech, data, and process help to scale the business and provides insight into how she balances adding processes without adding unneeded bureaucracy. We discuss the role her team plays in enhancing the customer experience, how the customer and employee experiences are connected with one another, and how COVID has changed the way companies think about the overall idea of “experience.” Finally, Colleen shares her perspective on the state of women in technology leadership positions and trends in technology she looks forward to.

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