Fortune 500 | episode 393

Adobe CIO Cynthia Stoddard

Cynthia Stoddard is the SVP & CIO of Adobe, a $9 billion software company based in Silicon Valley. As CIO, Cynthia oversees Adobe’s global Information Technology and Cloud Operations teams. Cynthia has led a global strategy to deliver services and operations that form the mission-critical backbone for the company. Prior to joining Adobe, Cynthia was the CIO of NetApp, and a Group Vice President at Safeway. May 13, 2019

393: Adobe CIO Cynthia Stoddard discusses how the company has modernized its technology stack. She notes that architecture needed to lead the company’s decisions and be in everything that it did going forward. Through this modernization, Adobe has switched to being cloud-enabled and it has enabled architecture and business capability changes without causing disruption along the way. We also discuss Cynthia’s take on immersive technologies, how Adobe is using AI to complement its workforce, how the company has transitioned from selling box software to becoming more customer-facing, among other topics.

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