episode 703

Developing a Focused Data Strategy with NRG’s Head of Data and Technology

Dak Liyanearachchi is the Head of Data and Technology at NRG Energy, a nearly $30 billion revenue company in the energy sector. Dak is a seasoned data executive having held data roles at companies like Hilton and Catalina Marketing prior to taking on his current role. In his role, his responsibilities marry the traditional IT department responsibilities with that of a data team under a single executive. October 03, 2022

703: Dak discusses the two sides of his purview and how data and technology help maximize value coming from the business. He gives his perspectives on data strategy, NRG’s emphasis on consumer products and services, and the role data and technology play in the company’s overall goals in sustainability, digital engagement, and product development. Dak talks about the universality of his experience in data, but how the unique value comes from how that experience is applied to the specific company and industry. Finally, he looks ahead at trends in the decarbonization of our economy and reflects on the keys to his career success.

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