Chief Executive Officer | episode 667

Upstart Founder & CEO Dave Girouard on Leveraging AI for More Inclusive Lending

Dave Girouard is the Chief Executive Officer of Upstart, an artificial intelligence lending platform that he co-founded 10 years ago. His is a remarkable story of entering an industry, financial services, in which he didn't have professional experience, but found a way to compete with and partner with large established players in the industry. His company serves both banks and lenders and as such, he has deep insights into each. Prior to co-founding Upstart, Dave helped pioneer Google's cloud platform as he was the President of Google Enterprise. May 30, 2022

667: In this interview, Dave covers the topic of how Upstart is leveraging artificial intelligence models to increase people’s access to credit. He provides an overview of the company’s business model, how it collects the data it uses across multiple constituents, and the learning process he went through during the development of the company. He then describes the way artificial intelligence fits into the model, why this approach is its differentiator, and what hurdles he faced along the way. Finally, Dave talks about the company’s IPO, why this was the right time to go public, and how his experience building out Google’s cloud business set him up for success with Upstart.

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