episode 854

Building Resilience Through Technology with GSK CDTO Shobie Ramakrishnan and Gates Corp. CIO Diego Silva

Shobie Ramakrishnan is the Chief Digital and Technology Officer of GSK, a global biopharma company based in the UK that earns an excess of $31 billion in annual revenue. Shobie has been with the company since 2018, and in her current role since 2021. Within her role, she is responsible for transforming the company’s capabilities in digital, data and analytics and playing a pivotal role in establishing a more agile commercial operating model. Prior to joining GSK, Shobie held senior technology leadership roles in organizations including CTO at AstraZeneca; VP, IT and M&A Integration at Salesforce, and Global Head of Roche Pharma IT Strategy & Operations at Genentech. Shobie also serves on the board of directors for Remediant. Diego Silva is Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer for Gates, responsible for the global IT organization including the strategic direction, execution, and support of Gates information systems infrastructure, security, and network operations. Prior to Gates, Diego served as the vice president of technology and architecture at Flowserve, where he partnered with the executive leadership team and Board of Directors to set the IT strategic direction for the company, from ERP implementations and master data management to cyber security, application architecture, digital transformation and M&A. Prior to Flowserve, Diego held leadership positions in IT consulting and technology start-up companies. March 14, 2024

854: The pandemic has caused executives from across industries to think through how to best prepare their organizations for times of uncertainty and develop a digital strategy that fosters resilience. In a panel discussion moderated by Metis Strategy Partner and West Coast Lead Chris Davis, Shobie Ramakrishnan, CDTO of GSK, and Diego Silva, CIO of Gates Corporation, discuss building resilience through technology amid disruption. Shobie, hailing from a long-standing science and pharmaceutical company, emphasizes the importance of innovation and the dual approach of playing offense and defense in digital and technological implementations to impact global health positively. Diego shares insights from Gates Corporation’s manufacturing and materials science advancements, highlighting how investing during downturns can prepare a company for future success. Both executives explore the significance of cybersecurity, AI responsibility, and supply chain management in maintaining a resilient organization and underscore the need to balance investment in innovation with risk management to navigate uncertain times effectively.

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