episode 689

Renovate+: Cummins’s New IT Strategy with CIO Earl Newsome

Earl Newsome is the Chief Information Officer of Cummins, a nearly 24 billion revenue global power leader that designs, manufacturers, sells, and services diesel and alternative fuel engines. Earl leads a team of 4,000 employees and contractors. He is a leading light on the future of technology, but also a leader on the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion, to which he adds the topic of belonging. He was a founder of TechPACT, which is helping foster DEI&B progress in the field of technology. Earl's been a CXO several times over having been the CTO of Estée Lauder and a CIO at TE Connectivity, Praxair, and Linde prior to his current post at Cummins. August 15, 2022

689: Earl discusses the company’s strategic pivot to focus on agility, resiliency, and business capability management. Earl begins with an overview of the company’s business and his role as CIO. As CIO, he covers the areas of importance on his priority list, the new business engagement model he has driven at the company, and the change management that arose as a result. Earl also speaks on bringing diversity into the workplace and the work he and others are doing to increase diverse talent in the workplace through the TechPACT organization. Earl also talks about the company’s increased focus on cybersecurity and how he is training his employees to be “CyberSMART”. Finally, Earl shares the trends in technology that he is looking forward to and gives advice on how others can reach the same level of success as he has had throughout his career.

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