episode 772

Equinox CTO Eswar Veluri on Helping Customers Meet Health Goals Through Data

Eswar Veluri is the Chief Technology Officer of Equinox, a high-performance lifestyle consortium of brands that earns an excess of $8 billion in annual revenue. Eswar has been with the company for 13 years and has been in the CTO role for the last two years. Across his tenure, he's led remarkable transformations in product design, product management in engineering, data engineering, and data analytics, among other areas. June 01, 2023

772: Eswar explores how data and artificial intelligence are transforming the high-performance lifestyle industry and helping customers to achieve their macro and micro health goals. With over a decade of experience at Equinox, Eswar shares his remarkable career journey, discusses the pivotal role of technology in improving customer engagement, and details the types of innovation his team is driving within the company. We delve into Equinox’s comprehensive data strategy, emerging tech trends, and the keys to Eswar’s career success.

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