episode 653

Fred Reichheld on the Genesis of the Net Promoter Score and Enriching Customer Lives

Fred Reichheld is the creator of the Net Promoter Score. He was also the founder of Bain and Co.'s loyalty practice. He's now a fellow and senior advisory partner at that company where he's worked for nearly 45 years. His latest book is Winning on Purpose: the Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers. I look forward to delving more deeply into the thesis behind the book on how Net Promoter Score can best be used, his learning across the years, examples from companies that have used it well, and much more through this dialogue. April 11, 2022

653: Fred covers the genesis of the Net Promoter Score and why customer-centricity should be every company’s focus. Fred talks about the lessons he learned when spending time with CEOs of customer-focused companies and how they relate to his metric for measuring customer lives enriched. He covers the common ways that NPS has been misused, practices that NPS has led to remarkable success, and how this holds true for even digital native companies. He also discusses the employee side of the equation as it relates to recruiting talent, enriching employee lives, and fostering greater degrees of customer-centricity across the organization. Finally, Fred hones in on why the nuance of enriching a customer’s life is an important distinction to enriching a company’s outputs.

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