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Ending Bad Customer Service: Revolutionizing the Customer Experience Through AI with ASAPP Founder Gustavo Sapoznik

Gustavo Sapoznik is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of ASAPP. This company defines its mission as building machine-learning products to solve some of the world's largest and most difficult problems. Gustavo founded ASAPP eight years ago, and since then, the company has raised more than $400 million through the Series C round at a valuation just above $1.6 billion. He has led a remarkable journey as an entrepreneur and has gleaned unique insights from across his career about the evolution of artificial intelligence and its applications in customer experience among other areas. February 15, 2024

846: Enterprises are rapidly accelerating their artificial intelligence strategies as new tools emerge, and the executives at these companies are constantly looking for ways AI can solve big problems that have plagued them for decades. Seeing this niche as an opportunity, Gustavo Sapoznik, the founder and CEO of ASAPP, has led the company toward building products that leverage AI/ML tools to solve the world’s most difficult problems. In this interview, Gustavo sits down with Peter High to describe the journey he went through starting up ASAPP, the value it provides companies, and what inspired him to start down the path of entrepreneurship. Throughout his career, Gustavo has gathered many unique insights on the evolution and potential of artificial intelligence and shares some of what he has learned throughout the conversation. More broadly, Gustavo discusses his personal entrepreneurship journey and his advice for those looking to follow in his footsteps.

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"When you deal with a company, you're rarely floored by a delightful experience that was efficient and competent, and so forth. It's usually a miserable experience. That miserable experience, in part, exists because the technology that has traditionally served the space is lacking, is not what it needs to be."

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