episode 662

General Catalyst Managing Partner Hemant Taneja on Intended Consequences of Investments

Hemant Taneja is a managing partner of venture capital firm, General Catalyst, and author of numerous writings including his recent book, Unscaled: How AI and a New Generation of Upstarts Are Creating the Economy of the Future. Hemant is also the founder and executive chairman of Commure, a San Francisco-based technology company focused on accelerating healthcare software innovation. May 12, 2022

662: In this interview, we discuss the thesis behind Unscaled and his latest book Intended Consequences, and how companies need to be intentional about scaling their businesses. Hemant emphasizes the importance of integrating General Catalyst’s values in the companies he grows and looking at the long-term consequences of these investments. He also gives his perspective on social-good businesses and how artificial intelligence can be used to measure the consequences of investment decisions. Finally, we discuss how Hemant’s approach to investing has changed over the pandemic, why writing allows him to become convicted in his own thinking and other keys to his successful career.

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