episode 851

Danaher’s Innovation at the Speed of Life: CTO James Ross on Accelerating the Company’s Digital Transformation

James Ross is the Chief Technology Officer of Danaher, a $24 billion revenue conglomerate that is the leading producer of technology and services for the biopharmaceutical industry, as well as instrumentation for vaccines and gene therapies. He has been in his role for a bit more than two years, and James is responsible for leading the modernization and transformation of infrastructure and enabling the acceleration of digital transformation across the company. Prior to his current post, James spent more than two decades at GE, ending his tenure there as the Chief Information Officer of Global Functions and Digital Hubs. March 04, 2024

851: Following the COVID-19 Pandemic, companies operating within the biopharmaceutical space are seeing an increased need to stay ahead of technology trends and keep pace with the speed at which digital technology is evolving. At Danaher, the leading producer of technology and services for biopharma companies, CTO James Ross is leading a digital transformation that sets the foundation for future agility and “innovation at the speed of life.” In this episode of Technovation, Peter High speaks with James about the company’s transformation, the strategic areas of focus for his team, and how he is shifting away from the legacy OpCo model towards an IT-centric model. James also discusses the importance of Danaher’s Data and Analytics Strategy, their exploration of AI tools, and other areas of innovation. Finally, James looks ahead at the trends in technology, reaffirms the growing popularization of the metaverse, and reflects on the keys to success from his career journey.

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"What we're really trying to do is step back and ask the question of what got us here, is that going to keep us here, is that really going to be the model that we need."

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