Fortune 500 | episode 577

Ralph Lauren CIO Janet Sherlock on Data Strategy and Analytics

Janet Sherlock is the Chief Information Officer of Ralph Lauren, a role she's held for nearly four years. She has served as a Chief Information Officer at multiple enterprises, most recently at Carter's OshKosh B'Gosh. She also serves on the board of BJ's Restaurants and has held a past advisory board member position of Janet was also the former chairman of the National Retail Federation's CIO Council. She is also currently pursuing her doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership. July 19, 2021

577: In this interview, Janet Sherlock, Chief Information Officer of Ralph Lauren, explains her purview as CIO and how the company’s Flexible Work Arrangement and virtual stores put the company in a stronger position going into the COVID-19 Pandemic. Janet debriefs some of the learnings and silver linings from the pandemic, specifically on how it accelerated a streamlining of processes; why those changes won’t go away any time soon; and how ingenuity, innovation, architecture, and agility are key to Ralph Lauren’s continued success. She emphasizes Ralph Lauren’s strategic focus on experience, data, and automation. Finally, we discuss lessons on recruiting for board-level positions, balancing her doctoral candidacy with career and family, and trends that she is looking forward to.


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  • 05 5- External Partnerships

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