CIO Plus | episode 692

Clario CITO Jay Ferro on Collaboration and Ecosystems

Jay Ferro is the Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Officer of Clario, a clinical trials organization that fuses deep scientific expertise on a global scale into the broadest endpoint technology platform. Jay has a rich history as a technology executive, having been the CIO of Quikrete; ExamWorks, where he was also the CTO; EarthLink, where he was also the Chief Product Officer; the American Cancer Society, AdCare Health Systems, and AIG. Jay is also among the most social CIOs in the world as judged by his 20,000 followers on LinkedIn, his nearly 12,000 more on Twitter, and he's also a two-time winner of the Georgia CIO of the Year Award given by InspireCIO. August 25, 2022

692: Jay discusses the way he collaborates and engages with his ecosystems, both internally and externally. He gives an overview of Clario’s business, the two sides of his purview, and his role’s impact on the company’s R&D efforts. Jay explains how he engages with the four constituent groups Clairo serves; clinical trial sites, sponsor organizations, patients, & internal customers; how he removes the internal barriers to collaboration, and how he retains company culture in a hybrid working environment. Finally, he weighs in on the benefits he has seen from his substantial social media presence, the trends that he is actively following, and the keys to his career success.

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