episode 820

Customer Obsession: Unlocking the Digital Experience Through Data and Simplification with TIAA's Jessica Austin Barker

Jessica Austin Barker is the Chief Digital and Client Experience Officer at TIAA, a Fortune 150 financial services company with $1.3 trillion in assets under management. Jessica has been in her role for nearly one and a half years and plays a pivotal role in driving TIAA's digital-first client experience. In her capacity, Jessica oversees a spectrum of critical responsibilities, including product management, enterprise design, end-to-end capabilities, and enterprise analytics. Prior to TIAA, Jessica served 22 years at Intuit, where she progressively ascended through various roles ending her tenure as Vice President of Consumer Group Customer Experience, the senior-most executive responsible for TurboTax customer success and retention. November 16, 2023

820: Client-centricity is the key to delivering an excellent digital experience, and TIAA looks to take that a step further. In this episode, we’re joined by Jessica Austin Barker, Chief Digital and Client Experience Officer at TIAA where she explains how she is pivoting the culture of her team towards ‘customer obsession’ to deliver a ‘digital-first client experience’. Jessica shares her early career experience in customer experience and how it has informed her perspective in her current role. She talks about the art of designing products that simplify complexity for the customer, the critical role analytics plays in the client experience, and the future skills shaping talent development in Jessica’s team. Jessica also describes the collaboration she engages in to leverage broader expertise, the metrics she uses to measure quantitative progress toward customer satisfaction, and the importance of retaining the empathy component to customer interactions. Finally, Jessica shares the trends she is seeing in customer experience and the key difference-makers she has noted across her career.

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"Such an amazing unlock to being able to innovate and create awesome client experiences has to do with the degree to which you empower designers, product managers, and the team engineers to get their hands in the data of how customers are actually using your product."

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