episode 734

Levi Strauss Chief Strategy & AI Officer Katia Walsh on Blurring the Line Between the Business & IT

Katia Walsh is the Chief Global Strategy and Artificial Intelligence Officer of Levi Strauss & Company, a $4.5 billion revenue clothing manufacturer and retailer of its iconic denim products. In her role, Katia drives the company's digital transformation, combining digital, data, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, strategy, and growth initiatives. Prior to her time at Levi Strauss, Katia was the Chief Global Data and AI officer at Vodafone. Katia is also on the board of multiple companies including that of Securian Financial. January 19, 2023

734: Katia discusses her unique role combining digital, data, artificial intelligence, and strategy as well as how her role helps blur the dividing line between the business and IT. She describes how she organizes her team cutting across various verticals, drives the strategic roadmap for the business, and modernizes the footprint of a legacy company like Levi’s. Katia explains the impact artificial intelligence has on the customer experience, the consequences of widespread artificial intelligence usage, and the ecosystem of skills and partnerships that help build the AI solutions her team develops. Finally, Katia reflects on the keys to success across her career from her initial stint in journalism, her pivot to technology, and her subsequent pathway to board membership.

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