episode 676

Cigna Chief Digital & Analytics Officer Katya Andresen on Telehealth Acceleration

Katya Andresen is the Chief Digital and Analytics Officer of Cigna, a global health service company working to make health care simple, affordable, and predictable. Katya has a breadth of experience across industries and disciplines including serving as an Adjunct Professor at American University, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer at software B-corporation Network for Good, Chief Executive Officer at Cricket Media, and most recently Senior Vice President - Card Customer Experience at Capital One. June 30, 2022

676: In this interview, Katya Andresen, Chief Digital and Analytics Officer of Cigna, discusses her impressive and diverse career path and the insights that she’s drawn from it along the way. She begins with an overview of Cigna’s business and the two sides of her purview as Chief Digital and Analytics Officer. Katya covers the company’s broader data strategy, the way she assembles and structures her teams, the overlaps present across the multiple teams she leads, and reflection on the acceleration of telemedicine with Cigna’s release of MDLIVE and more. Finally, she discusses the process of onboarding during the pandemic, orienting herself at the company, and what trends in technology are on her radar.

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