episode 825

Keith Ferrazzi: The Secret to Building a High-Performing Team and Competing in the New World of Work

Keith Ferrazzi is the chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight and its Research Institute where he and his team focus on the behaviors of high-performing executive teams. Keith is also the author of several bestselling books, including Who's Got Your Back, Never Eat Alone, Leading Without Authority, and his latest book, Competing in the New World of Work. Prior to his current role, he was the Chief Marketing Officer of both Deloitte and of Starwood Hotels. December 04, 2023

825: Creating high-performing teams is increasingly important in a world defined by hybrid working environments. In this episode, Keith Ferrazzi, Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight and bestselling author of Competing in the New World of Work, delves into the world of high-performing teams and the creation of a sense of bonding among team members. Keith explains his process of diagnosing team issues, emphasizing the importance of cross-divisional teamwork and a concept he coined as ‘co-elevation.’ In a profound meditation on evolving work culture, Peter and Keith discuss implementing methods that encourage mutual trust and promote psychological safety in the shifting landscape of hybrid work. They also shed light on re-engineering collaborations and emphasize making the best of face-to-face interactions. Keith also describes his perspective on the implications of generative AI and how to ‘future-proof’ oneself. Finally, Keith reminisces about his transformative journey from being a CMO to becoming a thought leader and shares insightful reflections on leading without authority, the significance of relationships, and the potential for creating high-performing teams in IT.

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"One of the greatest correlatives between a team's behavior and business outcome happens to be a team that can absolutely challenge each other in the room. Particularly when it's risky to do so."

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