episode 827

WIRED Co-Founder & Author Kevin Kelly Shares His ‘Excellent Advice for Living A Pretty Good Life’

Kevin Kelly was a founding executive editor of Wired magazine in 1993 and is today the Senior Maverick at the publication. Kevin is also the co-chair of the Long Now Foundation, a membership organization that champions long-term thinking, and the founder of the popular Cool Tools website, which has published a daily review of tools for the past two decades. In longer form, Kevin has authored multiple bestselling books, including The Inevitable, Out of Control, and What Technology Wants. His latest book is Excellent Advice for Living: Wisdom I Wish I'd Known Earlier, a book of 450 modern proverbs for what he calls “a pretty good life.” December 11, 2023

827: For the past three decades, WIRED co-founder Kevin Kelly has published multiple pieces of work ranging from tool reviews to long-form books. In his latest book, Excellent Advice for Living, Kevin takes his learnings from his life and shares the advice he wished he had learned when he was younger. In this interview, Kevin discusses some of these insights from his book including his recommendation of “being the only,” the concept of prototyping your life, and the importance of time and experiences. He discusses his source of ‘radical optimism’, the lesson that the best things happen slowly, and the ‘better delusion’ which he calls ‘pronoia’. Finally, Kevin turns the conversation towards his view of technology, specifically on the future of artificial intelligence, its impact on humans, and why it will become more of a partnership between AI and humans than a total replacement.

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"Don't be the best. Be the only."

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