episode 701

The Future of Cybersecurity and Post-Quantum Encryption with NIST’s Kevin Stine

Kevin Stine is the Chief of Applied Cybersecurity Division at the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Information Technology Laboratory (ITL). He is also NIST’s Chief Cybersecurity Adviser and Associate Director of Cybersecurity in the ITL. In this role, he leads NIST’s collaborations with industry, academia, and governments to improve cybersecurity and privacy risk management through the effective application of standards, best practices, and technologies. September 26, 2022

701: In a conversation from our Metis Strategy Digital Symposium in September, Kevin discusses the evolution of the cybersecurity landscape and the frameworks being adopted to manage this risk. Kevin talks specifically about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, the new update the organization rolled out recently, and why global alignment is important to help US businesses remain competitive in global markets. Finally, he also talks about the future of cybersecurity, how companies are implementing better risk-management measurement capabilities, and why the introduction of quantum computing can pose a real threat to organizations.

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"It is time to start thinking about post-quantum cryptography and transitioning to algorithms when they are available and standardized."

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