episode 694

Wendy’s CIO Kevin Vasconi on the Quick-Service Restaurant’s Next Gen Design

Kevin Vasconi is the Chief Information Officer of Wendy's, a quick-service restaurant company based in Columbus, Ohio with roughly 7,000 restaurants worldwide. Kevin joined Wendy's roughly two years ago, and since then, has helped the company define a new global restaurant design standard referred to as Global Next Gen. I look forward to hearing more about what that entails. We will also cover his collaboration with colleagues, franchisees, and customers to enhance the experience each digitally among other topics. Kevin joined Wendy's from Domino's, where he was the Global Chief Information Officer for nearly nine years. These are two of four global CIO roles he's had in his career. September 01, 2022

694: Kevin discusses the digital transformation of the quick-service restaurant industry and how the pandemic has impacted customer behaviors. He details the tech landscape he found at Wendy’s when he joined and the innovation he has driven to digitize the customer experience further. Kevin explains the recently announced “Next Gen Restaurant Design” of Wendy’s locations, the technology being implemented, and how it all comes together to improve and personalize the customer experience. He also describes the relationship he has with franchisees, how they help pilot innovative technology solutions, and how all business units work together to improve the mobile app experience. Finally, Kevin looks ahead at the trends in technology on his radar and reflects on the keys to his career success.

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