episode 730

CIO Kristie Grinnell on Creating a Digital DXC Strategy

Kristie Grinnell is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of DXC, an information technology services and consulting company that earns in excess of $16 billion in annual revenue. Kristie has been in her role for roughly a year, and she's been driving a digital DXC strategy, one topic among several that I look forward to covering with her in this conversation. Prior to her current role, Kristie was the Chief Information Officer and Chief Supply Chain Officer of General Dynamics Information Technology. January 05, 2023

730: Kristie joins the broadcast to speak about the “Digital DXC Strategy” that she is driving and how she organizes her team to do it. She brings a wealth of experience to the role and talks about continuing a close relationship with the former CIO of DXC, Chris Drumgoole, and the insight that she has gained from it. Having previously held the role of Chief Supply Chain Officer for General Dynamics IT, she speaks to the supply chain issues that companies are facing and how DXC is navigating them. Kristie also reflects on her career, how she got here, the path ahead for women in technology, and trends that she has on her radar for the future.

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