episode 643

Intel Director Lama Nachman on Collaboration Between Humans and AI

Lama Nachman is an Intel Fellow and the director of Intelligence Systems Research Lab at Intel. She's been with the company for most of the past two decades. The groundbreaking work she and her colleagues are undertaking include the future of artificial intelligence and the role it plays in aiding and augmenting humans in education, manufacturing, and everyday life. March 07, 2022

643: Lama discusses how her team is driving the future of artificial intelligence and its collaboration with people. Lama explains the mission of Intel’s Intelligence Systems Research Lab and describes the types of skills necessary to research the groundbreaking collaboration between humans and AI. She also provides a look at what the next frontier of artificial intelligence is in human augmentation including aiding in education, accessibility for adults with disabilities, and manufacturing. Finally, Lama gives her perspective on developing responsible AI and how further developments could prove to create a more sustainable future.

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