episode 811

OneDigital CIO Marcia Calleja-Matsko on Data Strategy, M&A Integration, and GenAI

Marcia Calleja-Matsko is the Chief Information Officer of OneDigital, an insurance, financial services, and human resources consulting advisory firm that earns roughly $1 billion dollars in annual revenue. She has been in her role for roughly a year and a half and has been responsible for all IT functions, including the strategic planning and execution of OneDigital's information technology services to support the growth of the organization. Prior to joining OneDigital, Marcia served as the CIO of Avanos Medical, a medical device company. October 16, 2023

811: Marcia Calleja-Matsko discusses the elements behind the remarkable growth of the company throughout her tenure. Marcia explains the way she typifies culture at OneDigital, how it’s impacted the process of integrating the technology functions of the company’s various acquisitions, and how she manages this rapid growth in a responsible and sustainable manner. She also talks about the company’s data strategy and the use cases she has identified for generative AI technology. Finally, Marcia reflects on the keys to her career success, the progress being made to bring more women into STEM professions, and the trends in technology that she has kept abreast of in recent months.

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