episode 646

The Cloud Revolution: Author Mark Mills on the Confluence of Information, Materials, and Machines

Mark Mills is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a Faculty Fellow at Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science where he co-directs an institute on manufacturing, science, and innovation. He's also a strategic partner with Montrose Lane, an energy tech venture fund. Previously, Mark co-founded Digital Power Capital, a boutique venture fund, and was the chairman and CTO of ICx Technologies, a company that he helped take public. March 17, 2022

646: Mark discusses the thesis behind his book, The Cloud Revolution, and how his previous book, Digital Cathedrals, acts as a predicate. Mark covers the rhyming political, social, and technological dynamics between the 1918-1920 Pandemic and the present and how the three spheres of technology; information, materials, and machines; have intersected over the years to bring about revolutions. Finally, Mark looks ahead at how technology is changing employment, the necessary retraining that arises, and what will define the winners in the Roaring 2020s.

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