episode 704

Driving Strategic IT Modernization Efforts with the CIOs of Pearson and Dollar General

Marykay Wells is the Chief Information Officer of Pearson, an education company that earns roughly three and a half billion pounds in revenue annually. She's held that role since 2016. Marykay and her team have been at the center of a remarkable transformation at the company, as it has expanded its digital offering and shifted from primarily a B2B orientation to a B2C orientation in the process. She's also seen the pandemic as an opportunity to rethink how innovation's done. Marykay has an immense amount of experience after having been a CIO four times over. Carman Wenkoff is the Chief Information Officer of Dollar General, an 82-year-old retailer with roughly 18,000 outlets across the United States and roughly 160,000 employees. As an executive at a company that serves a community with limited budgets, Carman's story is an inspiring one of using technology to make each customer's experience with Dollar General easier. Carman is a seasoned technology executive, having spent time as a CIO and CDO of Subway prior to his current post. October 06, 2022

704: Marykay and Carman speak with Metis Strategy’s Steven Norton about driving strategic IT modernization efforts at their respective companies. Marykay gives insight into Pearson’s use of data and technology to engage with consumers and the metrics she looks at to gauge the progress being made in the company’s digital transformation. Carman shares how he is applying digital to the in-person experience at Dollar General’s stores and how consumer insights have driven the evolution of the company’s mobile app. Finally, both executives talk about the methods they’ve followed to future-proof their organizations and foster resilience.

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