episode 773

Jabil CIO May Yap on Leading a Global Team and Driving Modernization

May Yap is the Chief Information Officer of Jabil, a $33.5 billion revenue global manufacturing solutions provider. She's been the CIO of the company for eight and a half years. Although the company's headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, May is based in Singapore and leads a truly global team with tech centers around the world. Across her uniquely long tenure, she has led a remarkable modernization and transformation at the company. June 05, 2023

773: May talks about the remarkable modernization and transformation journey she has led within the company. With May based in Singapore, May leads a truly global team with tech centers worldwide and  shares her insights into managing this diverse and distributed workforce. She describes the process and benefits of modernization, how digitalization leads to better organization throughout IT, and how her team tests new technologies for potential implementation. May describes the advantages of having a long tenure as CIO, the latest tech trends shaping the industry, and the keys to her career success.

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