Women in Tech | episode 668

American Airlines CIO Maya Leibman on Delivering Value Faster to Customers

Maya Leibman is the Chief Information Officer of American Airlines and has spent the last 10 and a half years of her nearly 28 years with the company in her current post. She's led the airline through trying times from 9/11, through the financial crisis of 2008, but no crisis was as extreme as the pandemic of the past couple of years. June 02, 2022

668: In this interview, Maya covers the company’s mission of “delivering value faster” to customers and leveraging technology to improve the customer experience. She begins by reflecting on the challenges American has faced during the COVID-19 Pandemic, the new sources of innovation that arose during the time, and how the next generation strategic initiatives that began at the company prior to the pandemic became a major source of resilience. Maya also discusses how technology is being leveraged to improve customer and employee experiences, how her experience as President of AAdvantage Loyalty Program influenced how she views the customer experience, and how her long tenure as CIO has opened up a world of opportunities. Finally, she talks about her personal and professional growth as a woman in technology, the trends she is excited to see in customer experience design, and the keys to her continued success.

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