episode 769

Design Thinking in Ecosystem Business Models with ArcBest and Broadridge Technology Executives

Michael Newcity is the Chief Innovation Officer of ArcBest and President of ArcBest Technologies. Michael has been with ArcBest since 1993 and held a range of roles including Director of Economic Analysis, CFO, and CIO at the same time, prior to taking on his current set of responsibilities in early 2015. ArcBest is a $5 billion company that focuses on freight, transportation, and logistics networks. Rob Krugman is the Chief Digital Officer of Broadridge Financial Solutions, a $5 billion FinTech company that enables financial broker-dealers to run their businesses, whether it's clearing trades or distributing regulatory communications with investors in regulatory bodies. Rob has held his role for seven of the thirteen years he's been with Broadridge. In that role, he leads digital strategy, design thinking, and innovation. He is also passionate about "intrapreneurship", bringing the concepts of entrepreneurship inside the company. May 22, 2023

769: Our latest episode features a panel from our Metis Strategy Digital Symposium in May 2023 where Michael and Rob discuss the topic of design thinking in ecosystem business models. Michael explains how he brings design thinking into ArcBest as a mechanism to drive innovation and the role ArcBest Technologies plays in ArcBest’s innovation ecosystem. Rob details the innovation cycle within Broadridge and how he brings the customer’s voice into that cycle to ensure continuous value is getting delivered. Finally, both executives speak on driving centralized innovation within their ecosystems and deploying those innovations to internal and external customers.

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