Michael Skaff, Chief Information Officer of The San Francisco Symphony

May 21, 2012
Among other topics, Michael discusses the following issues with Metis Strategy:
  • How the San Francisco Symphony has utilized technology over its history to stay at the cutting edge of music production and the concert experience, and how they actively seek new ways to stretch these boundaries
  • The internal and external uses of mobile, and how the external use of mobile is of particular interest due to its potential in terms of facilitating ticket sales, donations, access to media, and engagement with patrons through social networking
  • How many individuals on Michael’s team are seasoned musicians or big fans of music, and how it creates a much deeper connection to the organization due to greater knowledge and appreciation of the product, which ultimately drives innovation
  • How business intelligence has been of increasing importance in the non-profit sector, particularly with organizations that sell tickets, as it is a very complex and data driven business, and business intelligence can have a tangible, positive impact on revenue
  • Eye on Trends: Mobile technology and how it facilitates engagement with patrons, predictive analytics and its ability to help drive revenue, as well as social media, and how it facilitates the social aspect of a naturally social experience


Michael Skaff’s Biography

Michael is the CIO of the San Francisco Symphony, where he directs the business technology strategy for one of the Bay Area’s largest non-profit organizations.

Prior to his time at the Symphony, Michael was the Manager of Technical Services at Bare Essentials; he has also held IT leadership positions at AdSpace Networks and NativeMinds, among other companies.

Michael is on the Corporate Partner Board at eWeek Magazine, among other advisory roles he plays in media and beyond.

Michael has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California, Davis.

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