episode 620

Intel's Mike Davies on the Future of Neuromorphic Computing

Mike Davies is the Director of Intel's Neuromorphic Computing Lab, a position he has held since 2017. He also serves as a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Labs, a key collaborator with Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab. Mike joined Intel in 2011 as part of an acquisition of Fulcrum Microsystems, where he was the Director of Silicon Engineering. December 16, 2021

620: Mike Davies discusses the relevance and impact of neuromorphic computing on Intel as a company and the world more generally. Mike gives a bird’s-eye view of what neuromorphic computing aims to achieve and the relationship it has to traditional forms of artificial intelligence and deep learning. He breaks down the near-, medium-, and long-term implications the technology could have on how we think about computing capabilities and the technology and cost challenges that his team is working to overcome. A key component of commercializing this technology is the collaboration with partners, and Mike spends a moment discussing how he looks to curate an ecosystem of academics and corporations to help deliver this technology as well as how he collaborates internally with other groups within Intel Labs.

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