episode 619

How Johnson Controls Executives are Collaborating to Become Digital to the Core

Our guests today are three technology and digital executives from Johnson Controls, a 136-year-old company that enhances the intelligence of buildings to the tune of nearly $30 billion in annual revenue. Mike Ellis is the company’s Chief Customer and Digital Officer, Diane Schwarz is the company's Chief Information Officer, and Vijay Sankaran is the company's Chief Technology Officer. December 13, 2021

619: Mike, Diane, and Vijay of Johnson Controls discuss how the three executive roles fit together and how digital and technological innovation are shaping the 136-year-old company. Each explains their purview within their respective roles and how these roles share governance and collaborate with one another. Vijay expands on how his team was built by centralizing various disparate capabilities across the company as a means to create value and discusses the learnings from Johnson Control’s Open Blue platform. Mike shares the strategic nature of technology at Johnson Controls and what the future of work looks like coming out of the pandemic. Diane then talks about enabling the employee experience at the company and expands on the company’s view of the hybrid work strategy. Finally, the executives provide a look ahead at future opportunities to leverage technology and digital at the company.

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