episode 695

Crocs CIO Mike Feliton on Scaling IT During Periods of Growth

Mike Feliton is the SVP & Chief Information Officer of Crocs, a role he's held for more than three and a half years. Crocs is a leader in the casual footwear category and builds itself as a brand "of the people, for the people." During Mike's tenure, the company has grown from roughly a billion in revenue to nearly 4 billion. Prior to his current role, Mike was the Chief Information Officer of David Yurman for nearly three and a half years. September 05, 2022

695: Mike speaks about how the IT organization has stayed ahead of the company’s growth both organically and through acquisition. He describes the role that technology plays at a company as tactile as Crocs and how that technology has facilitated agility and scalability. Mike also covers how relationships with vendors have allowed the company to grow internationally at an impressive rate. He also discusses the processes of integrating the HEYDUDE acquisition, leveraging the perspective of a consumer to enhance the customer experience within IT, and maturing the data strategy behind Crocs. Finally, Mike looks ahead at the trends in automation and gives advice on the keys to his continued career success.

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"Traditionally, [IT] used to be asking the business, 'what are the priorities and where are we moving for?' Now, we can actually take a look at what is the revenue opportunity tied to this initiative."

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